White Marsh Tiny Tots is a Co-Operative Socialization program developed around the needs of active three and four year old children. It provides each child with an opportunity to socialize and grow in a structured environment, which will prepare the children for kindergarten. Tiny Tots offers music, crafts, centers, snack time, stories, free play, fieldtrips, and more. The emphasis is on socialization, but also teaching the children and preparing them for their future success in a classroom situation.The program is licensed by the Office of Child Care through the Maryland State Department of Education. The teachers are licensed and certified and have completed CPR/First Aid training. This co-operative program requires parents to actively participate on a scheduled basis (approximately 1-3 times a month). The success of the program depends upon the total cooperation and commitment of each family.  For more information about the program and registration go to the  tabs on the top left.(contact, register, rules, etc.)