The Tiny Tots Handbook is available in PDF and can be viewed or downloaded:


Required Background Check Information:

If you have a confirmed spot in the program then anyone who will be volunteering in the classroom, going on field trips or attending class parties must complete the Baltimore County Recreation and Parks manditory background screening. The link and information is below. Please make sure you forward this to anyone that will be filling the helper day requirement for Tiny Tots.  Everyone must be cleared prior to the start of school.  You will need to email us at with a list of names of the people who have completed the background screening. This must be done pior to Aug 1st.  A master list will be kept in the classroom.This background check is mandatory every year. This screening will be performed by a security consulting firm: SSCI (The Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc). Information about SSCI can be found at      


Access Code: BCGRec17

Position: Volunteer

Council: White Marsh

Activity: Daycare/Preschool

Position: Activity Leader