Adult CO-ED Soccer

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Welcome to Adult Co-Ed Outdoor Soccer

Registration for the Spring 2020 session is now OPEN.
Session dates:
Session starts March 31, 2020.  The league will play Tuesday and Wednesday nights if there are 4 teams and Thursday Nights will be used as a make-up night or if there are 6 teams.  We enter field at 9:00pm.  Game time is 9:10 pm.

Turf field at Honeygo Run Regional Park.

We are a women friendly league, which means we must have enough new women sign up to keep the program alive. Each team needs at least five women so please spread the word!

Rosters Limits and Process:
Max 25 per team — must consist of at least 6 women
Age — Over 30 for men, over 21 for women – IDs will be checked the first night vs rosters to receive shirt. You will sign roster to get your jersey and rosters will be distributed to coaches. Coaches can only challenge the validity of a roster at the beginning of the game. The player in question must produce a photo id to prove his/her identity. If a team is found to have an non-rostered player on the team they will forfeit that game and given a warning. Repeat offenders will not be allowed to play for the rest of the season

> We will have a 8 team maximum
> No full team sign ups
> Team requests will be honored to the best of our ability
“First come first served” – If we run out of women signing up at 36, we will only have 6 teams.

See you on the field,