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PHWM Soccer (recreation program)



PHWM Soccer’s winter indoor program:

Baltimore County Parks & Recreation indoor sports directive states no soccer games or scrimmages just distanced skill practice at 50% capacity for County facilities and programs offered by the Recreation Councils. PHWM Soccer uses school gyms for the U5 and U6 clinics, currently the Baltimore County Public Schools will not allow Parks & Recreation programs to use school facilities.

PHWM Soccer is on hold for the winter program right now.  County regulations will be reviewed in late November to determined if PHWM Soccer could have a winter indoor soccer season. The winter season in past years has run from January to early March.

Link to
Baltimore County Recreation Parks Indoor Recreation Operations Directive


2020 Fall outdoor soccer


2020 Fall Registration Fee  ( changed ) 
$70.00 per Child, $140.00 per Family (soccer only, registering parent’s child or step-child ONLY), each order will include an additional $3.00 service fee to the registration software company.

Registration for the Fall season is closed 

  • click here for the registration website.

PHWM Soccer (Perry Hall and White Marsh Recreation Councils) is committed to providing the PHWM soccer community a Fall 2020 recreation soccer season. The season will only be possible if it is allowed by the State of Maryland, Baltimore County and Baltimore County Recreation and Parks. The ability of PHWM Soccer program’s volunteers to effectively implement COVID-19 prevention requirements will be a major factor on the decision to run the fall soccer recreation program.


Although the-return-to-play of youth sports is allowed for many sports, COVID-19 prevention requirements will be required until there is a vaccination or cure for the general public.


PHWM Soccer is a volunteer organization. To have a Fall recreation soccer program will require the support of families participating in the program to follow the COVID-19 guidelines, rules and preventative requirements to stop the spread of the coronavirus as best as possible. Baltimore County Parks and Recreation could cancel the program if guidelines are not followed.

Parents: if you and your child(ren) will not commit to the preventive requirements please DO NOT register for the fall soccer program. 


  • PHWM Soccer COVID-19 guidelines/rules for team practice and games: 
    •    Players must wear masks approaching and leaving fields
    •    Coaches should wear mask coming/going to the field and on field
    •    Player bags and drinks MUST be spaced out by minimum of 6 feet
    •    Cones placed out for players to place their bag/equipment/water container etc. socially distanced as they arrive
    •    Parents / Players must self screen prior to coming to training, if there are any signs of illness they must stay home
    •    Parents must socially distance while at practice / games and wear a face mask.
    •    If a player tests positive for COVID-19 or is exposed to a person with COVID-19 , this must be immediately reported it to the Coach/Coordinator, then Director of PHWM Soccer and the player NOT attend any practice or game.

    Baltimore County Parks and recreation fall sports guidelines/rules:

    • Participation in programs is only allowed if you have had no signs or symptoms of Covid-19, and you have not been exposed to someone who has had signs or symptoms of Covid-19 for a minimum period of 14 days before participation
    • Participation in programs requires a signed Baltimore County COVID Waiver Form
    • If you are sick or feel sick, you should remain home
    • At risk individuals, youth or adult, should remain home
    • Temperature checks are required for players, volunteers and coaches (HOW THIS IS IMPLEMENT WILL BE COMMUNICATED BEFORE PRACTICES START)
    • Hand sanitizer should be available at all activities
    • Assign an area for each player to place their equipment
    • No sharing of drink bottles or any personal equipment
    • No centralized hydration or refreshment areas
    • Masks are required by all volunteers and coaches in the program
    • Masks are required for participants when entering the field and while on the bench
    • Masks are not required for players and officials while on the field of play, but are recommended
    • Social distancing should be practiced at all possible times
    • Participants should refrain from handshakes, huddles and high fives

    CDC Considerations for Youth Sports:

    Exposure to COVID-19 – follow CDC guidelines for quarantine. Could mean a whole team or teams be out for 14 days minimum

    Self screen ( this may be on-line)

    • As a member of the PHWM Soccer community, I must answer the following screening questions prior to attending any sanctioned PHWM Soccer related practice and/or game event.
    • Instructions:
      • All questions must be answered 2-3 hours prior to any PHWM Soccer in-person event,
      • If you answer NO to all questions relating to symptoms, please proceed to your PHWM Soccer event.
      • If you answer YES to any of the questions relating to symptoms, please contact your PHWM Soccer coaching staff immediately, DO NOT attend any PHWM Soccer event until further instructions are provided.


    1. Does your child have a temperature 100 or above
    2. Since you last completed this survey, has anyone in your household tested positive for COVID 19, OR are you currently having any of the following symptoms:
      a. COVID-19 exposure in past 14 days
      b. Sore throat
      c. Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
      d. Fever >100.4 F
      e. Chills
      f. Headache
      g. Sinus congestion
      h. Cough persistent and/or productive
      i. Joint aches and soreness
      j. Vomiting or diarrhea
      k. Rash
    3. Had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 with 72 hours
    4. NO, proceed to your PHWM Soccer event
    5. Yes, contact your coaching staff, DO NOT attend any PHWM Soccer events at this time
      1. Do not go to training facilities or fields with any of the above symptoms. Remotely communicate your health status to coaches, team administrators, within 24 hours of your training session. Parents (and not the minor player) should communicate with the coach. Speak to a physician and follow CDC guidelines on self-quarantine.
      2. Should a member of your household be experiencing the symptoms above, the family member should consult a physician.


2020 Fall outdoor soccer information

( for a non pandemic season) Start dates practice and game times will change

Volunteers are needed in all age groups, register to volunteer when registering your child.


  • Separate leagues for Boys and Girls. Clinic through 2009/2010 age group players will receive a ball. Uniforms will be provided. Referees will be provided for age group 2010/11 and above. Practices could start in Late-August for age groups 2013/14 through 2003-2006, age groups may start different weeks . League play and the 2016, 2015 clinics will begin the week after Labor Day this could be delayed to implement COVID-19 rules.
  • U5 – 2016 & U-6 2015 boys and girls clinics:
  • The 2016 and 2015 children are in separate clinics.
  • Clinic sessions will be scheduled at 9:00 and/or 10:30
  • Locations: Vincent Farms Elementary School
  • No weeknight practices.
  • U8 – 2013/14:
  • Games are planned to begin the Saturday after Labor Day.
  • Games will be Saturday afternoon, 12:00, 1:15 or 2:30
  • Referee will be provide for the games
  • Teams will be provided with 1 or 2 weekly practice evening(s):
  • U8 boys Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Gough Park 2 fields
  • U8 Girls Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Perry Hall Middle School 2 fields
  • U10 – 2011/12:
  • Games are planned to begin the Saturday after Labor Day.
  • Games will be Saturday mornings, 9:00, 10:00, or 11:30 and possibly some weeknight games
  • Teams will be provided with 2 weekly practice evenings:
  • U10 Boys Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Nottingham Park 2 fields
  • U10 girls Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Seven Oaks Elementary
  • (days are based on a coach’s availability)
  • U12 – 2009/10:
  • Games are planned to start the Saturday after Labor Day.
  • Games will be on Saturday morning
  • Teams will be provided with 2 weekly practice evenings:
  • U12 Boys Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Honeygo Park ATB
  • U12 Girls Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Joppa View Elementary
  • (days are based on a coach’s availability)
  • U14 – 2007/08:
  • Games are planned to start the Saturday after Labor Day.
  • Games will be on Saturday afternoon
  • Teams will be provided with 2 weekly practice evenings:
  • U14 Boys Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Perry Hall Park (tennis court fields)
  • U14 Girls Mon – Thurs – practice and Saturday games Snyder Lane Park
  • (days are based on a coach’s availability)
  • 2003-2006 HS-Boys and 2003-2006 HS-Girls:
  • Games are planned to start the week after Labor Day.
  • Games will be on Sunday afternoons or evenings
  • Boys and Girls HS league could be a multiple rec council rec league
  • Teams will be provided with weekly practice evenings – TBD
Field Locations:
Gough Park, Nottingham Park, Perry Hall Park, Snyder Lane Park, Mt. Vista Park, Honeygo Regional Park, Cowenton Park, , Seven Oaks Elementary, Vincent Farms Elementary, Joppa View Elementary, Perry Hall Middle.

Registration placement requests for the recreation program : IMPORTANT to read

We will do our best to accommodate 2016, 2015 and 2013/14 team and player placement requests, based on a first-registered/first-to-be-placed basis, however our ultimate aim is to balance teams by age and skill level, this could mean a child would be on a different team and have a different coach than a previous soccer season. Requests for age groups 2010/11 through 2002-2005 are not guaranteed as these teams are selected by the coaches and balanced the best as possible by skill levels


Fall outdoor soccer schedules conflict with other outdoor sports, schedules are not coordinated between multiple sports. Please consider the schedules before registering a child for multiple sports. A child should fully participate on a team, and not miss practice or games to play another sport. Coaches are volunteers they shouldn’t have to plan around children missing their practices or games to play another sport or play on another soccer team in a different program.


Summary of COVID-19 responsibilities/requirements :


Parents responsibilities:

• If you are not comfortable with returning to play, DON’T. You are the only one who will make the decision when your child returns to play.
• Ensure your child is healthy, and check your child’s temperature before activities with others.
• Consider not carpooling or very limited carpooling.
• Stay in car or adhere to social distance requirements, based on state and local health requirements
• When at training, wear a mask if outside your car.
• Ensure child’s clothing is washed after every training.
• Ensure all equipment (cleats, ball, shin guards etc.) are sanitized before and after every training.
• Notify your club immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason.
• Do not assist your coach with equipment before or after training.
• Be sure your child has necessary sanitizing products with them at every training.
• Please wear a mask at all times when outside of your vehicle and maintain 6 ft of distance from others while walking your athlete to the field from the parking lot.
• Parents/guardians and family are allowed to attend practice, trainings, and games but should ensure that proper social distancing is maintained. The sports gatherings and events are not open to the general public.
• At the end of practice/game, please wait away from the field, social distanced from other families, and your athlete will be dismissed to you by their coach.


Coaches  and Team manager/help responsibilities: ( practice and game guidelines will be provided)

• Ensure the health and safety of the participants.
• Inquire how the athletes are feeling. Send home anyone you believe acts or looks ill.
• Follow all state and local health protocols and guidelines. ( information will be provided)
• Check all athletes have their own individual equipment (ball, water, bag etc.) – parent/player responsibility
• The coach and team manager the only persons to handle equipment (e.g. cones, disk etc.); do not enlist parental or attendee assistance.
• Ensure all share equipment ( balls, cones etc.) are sanitized before and after every training.
• All training should be conducted outdoors and compliant with social or physical distancing per state or local health guidelines.
• Always wear a face mask, even when not actively coaching. (Provided all screening, hygiene and social distancing measures are followed, masks are not mandatory for players/coaches/referees/instructors/participants during exertional moments of training (i.e. when physically active).
• Coaches should maintain social distance requirements from players based on state and local health requirements.
• Have fun, stay positive – players and parents are looking to you for leadership.

Player responsibilities and guidelines will be provided

• Upon Arrival, you will place your mask on in the car, then check in with your coach.
• Check in will be at the designate 1/2 field to allow each team to drop off and pick up with safe distances.
• You must wait for the team on the field to completely leave before approaching field.
• Athletes must wear masks until they reach their “bag drop location”. A cone will represent where each player is to set their bag. Once you reach your bag drop location you may remove your mask, stay at the cone and await further instruction from your coach.
• Each Team will be divided into smaller groups (if needed) to adhere to our 20 people or less protocol. Once placed in a group NO PLAYER OR COACH MAY SWITCH GROUPS until further notice.
• Players will be required to physically distance themselves from each other 6 feet when not participating in the training session.
• At the end of practice all athletes will return to the cone where they dropped their bag, put on their mask, and wait to be dismissed.
• Please exit the field and go directly to your car, keeping socially distanced.


*********************************Age group information ****************************

Soccer season 2020-2021 ( fall 2020, winter 2021, spring 2021 )
Age Group Determination: Based on Participant’s birth year

U5 Clinic: 2016 Boys, 2016 Girls
born in 2016
U6 Clinic: 2015 Boys, 2015 Girls
born in 2015
U8 – 2013/14 Boys,
U8 – 2013/14 Girls
born in 2013 and 2014
U10 – 2011/12 Boys
U10 – 2011/12 Girls
born in 2011 and 2012
U12 – 2009/10 Boys
U12 – 2009/10 Girls
born in 2009 and 2010 
U14 – 2007/08 Boys
U14 – 2007/08 Girls
born in 2007 and 2008
Children born between 9/1/2006 and 12/31/2006 and still in Middle school may register with the U14-2007/08 age groups instead of HS age group
2002-2005 Boys – HS-Boys
players born 2003 – 2006
2002-2005 Girls – HS-Girls
players born 2003 – 2006


BALTIMORE UNION SC   (travel/club program)

Club information for the 2018-2019 teams is here:

Tryouts (schedule) will be held in late May thru early June and are open to players from any area who is interested in playing a high level of soccer.