Gymnastics - Policies



(With the exception of the Tot program, a parent is required for parent participation. If you are a parent participating in the tot program you should exit the gym after class has ended.)


** A pre-registration for existing participants will be held each session and an open registration will be available to new participants. At registration, the parent must be present to fill out the registration form, Parent Code of Conduct and receive a copy of the rules and policies. 

** Classes are to be paid for at the time of registration. Checks should be made payable to “WMRC”.  There will be a $25.00 charge for all NSF checks. 

** NO REFUNDS AFTER THE FIRST CLASS. Refunds will only be considered in the case of extended illness or injury or for classes cancelled due to insufficient registration. Please note that there will be a $25.00 processing charge deducted from your refund amount if you register your child then decide that you are not interested in the class.


** Parents must wait in the lobby with their children until the instructor calls them into the gym. Please do not enter the gym until you are called by the instructor. Parents are not allowed in the gym during class unless they are participating in the Tot program. 

** Upon dismissal, parents must be in the lobby ready to pick up the children as the instructor brings them out. (Please be on time…The kids get very upset when they don’t see you!) 

** The children should come dressed ready to participate. Girls may wear a leotard, bike shorts, or comfortable close fitting clothing. Hair should be pulled back and no jewelry should be worn. Boys may wear bike shorts, nylon shorts, and T-shirts. Pants with belt loops, buttons, zippers, or snaps are prohibited. No shoes please. 


During your child’s scheduled class we do not permit parents in the gym. (Unless you are participating in our tot program) Gymnasts will enter through the main double doors to the gym, and exit through the side door to the hallway. Gymnasts will only leave the gymnasium with an instructor for bathroom purposes. Remember to wait in the hallway until classes are invited in. All gymnasts will begin stretching together, then are divided into their designated classes. 


We will invite all parents, family and friends in the gym for observation days twice during the session.  Observation dates will be provided for the current session. Participants will be presented with an award at the last class.  Bring your cameras!


A positive behavior system is used by instructors to reward participants who demonstrate appropriate behaviors. Participants who demonstrate positive behaviors during class are rewarded with a stamp at the end of class. However, if negative behavior is demonstrated during class, he/she will be given a warning.  If a child receives 3 or more warnings during class,  he/she will not rewarded with a stamp at the end of class.  Additionally, if a student continues to demonstrate negative behaviors after receiving 3 warnings, he/she will be asked to take a time-out from class.  Continued negative behavior will result in a parent conference.


*For health concerns of other gymnasts, if your child has an illness please do not bring them to class to participate.

*If a child needs to make up a class please see your director or chairperson.

*Pre-registration will be offered to existing participants nearing the end of the session. Please be advised that payment is due at the time of registration. New participants register online during open registration. Registrations will not be accepted via email. Participants currently in a class must re-register every session. Spots will not be held. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.*

For questions and concerns please contact the following:

Please email