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Chapel Hill Elementary School (CH-1, 2, 3, & 4)  Р5200 E. Joppa Road  Perry Hall, MD 21128

  • CH-1 At the bottom of the steps next to the playground.
  • CH-2 Above field #1, closest to the basketball court (90ft diamond).
  • CH-3 Closest to the concrete storage building.
  • CH-4 Below field #3, easiest to access from Peach Blossom Avenue. Second driveway on left if coming from Joppa Road (park on the street).

Gough Park (GP-1 & 2) – 9300 Honeygo Blvd. Perry Hall, MD 21128

  • GP-1 closest to the parking lot
  • GP-2 furthest from the parking lot

Nottingham Park (NP-2, 3, & 8) – 9510 Stapleford Road Rosedale, MD 21237

  • NP-8 (Bryan Palmer field) – 90ft. diamond closest to the building
  • NP-2 center field to the left of #8
  • NP-3 furthest field from the parking lot

Perry Hall Elementary School (PH-1, & 2) – 9021 Belair Road Nottingham, MD 21236 (Parking lot access on E. Joppa Road)

  • PH-2 Closest to Ebenezer Road
  • PH-1 Closest to parking lot on E. Joppa Road

Perry Hall Middle School (PH-3, 4, 5, & 6.) – 4300 Ebenezer Road Nottingham, MD 21236

  • PH-3 Below PH-2, easiest to park at the elementary school or on Joppa Road
  • PH-4 Below PH-3, easiest to park at the elementary school or on Joppa Road (90ft diamond)
  • PH-5 Closest to the tennis courts, easiest to park on the Middle School lot.
  • PH-6 Closest to Ebenezer Road, easiest to park on the Middle School lot.

Seven Oaks Elementary School (SO-14, & 15) – 9220 Seven Courts Drive Nottingham, MD 21236

  • SO-14 Closest to the rear of the school
  • SO-15 Furthest from the school. Easiest to park on the parking lot off of Simms Avenue

Snyder Lane Park (SLP) – 9401 Snyder Lane Perry Hall, MD 21128






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